Can you open your home to an exchange student?

Got this from Kent Horton, who’s hoping you can help::

Two host families are needed for foreigh exchange students who will attend Evergreen High School (HS3 and TEC) for the coming school year. (2010/2011) A potential host family can choose from the following students: a girl from Germany who likes dancing, gymnastics, and snowboarding, or a boy from Kuwait who loves playing soccer and plays on competative teams, or a girl from Brazil who enjoys bowling and participating in family activities like watching movies and playing board games; or a boy from Belgium who enjoys hiking, backpacking, and playing tennis.

New students are constantly added to my list of exchange students available for placement. If you have a particular country or student interest in mind – please give me a call.

Students come here with good English skills, their own insurance and spending money, and mainly a desire to be a member of an American family. Host families do not need to have teenagers of their own; young families as well as empty nesters are excellent ISE host famiolies this year.

For more information about the students and the program, contact Kent Horton at 206-242-4432 or


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