Helicopters, roadblocks in White Center: Burglary search

ORIGINAL 11:35 AM REPORT: We’re at the scene of a big police operation in White Center – centered in the 10700 block of 18th SW. Law enforcement and TV helicopters are there too. This started as a call about a woman with a shotgun more than an hour ago. Seattle Police are assisting King County Sheriff’s deputies in closing off roads around the area. More to come. 12:02 PM UPDATE: We’ve spoken at the scene with Sgt. John Urquhart from King County Sheriff’s Office. He says the reported gun-toting woman person is one of three suspects they’re seeking after residents came home to find a burglary in progress. The residents weren’t hurt, but the burglars fled, and that’s why there’s been such an extensive search around the area. 12:59 PM UPDATE: Adding our video of Sgt. Urquhart’s media briefing (complete with background noise from the chopper/s). He says one of the three suspects HAS been caught.


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5 Responses to “Helicopters, roadblocks in White Center: Burglary search”

  1. The news helicopters have been circling the neighborhood for half an hour, and the tv stations’ websites didn’t say anything. Thanks for giving some insight.

  2. Do we know where the roadblocks extend to?

  3. Thank you so much for the info. I cannot tell you how many times I hear helicopters flying over head and never hear anything about what is going on!
    Do you happen to know why they seem to be out around 2 AM…seems I wake up to the sound of circling helicopters about 1 to 2 times a week. I believe it was last week it happened 2 days in a row and they flew in circles for over an hour. It is very hard to sleep when you are wondering if there is a murderer or other running around out there?
    Thanks for any info you may have,

  4. Often they are looking for car thieves, burglars, that kind of thing. If you ever hear one and wonder what’s up, even in the middle of the night, we usually work into the wee hours since our “parent” site, West Seattle Blog, is staked on 24/7 news for WS – we will do our best for WC too – feel free to e-mail us at the WC address, whitecenternow@gmail.com

  5. Didk Thurnau Says:

    Driving south on 16th Ave from WC at least 10 Seattle Police vehicles flew by with lights flashing and sirens blasting they turned west on SW107. Soon the very noisy vultures started circling (news heicopters) it would be nice if the news media could share and use just one of these noisy birds, Plus a huge cost saving.