South Park Bridge closure: “How will we survive this?”

So asked one attendee in an overflow crowd at the South Park Neighborhood Center last night, as county reps – and others – talked about what is now looming as the June 30 scheduled closure of the South Park Bridge. We have a full article up at partner site West Seattle Blogread it here. Also note that there is another meeting scheduled in South Park tonight, this one at 6 pm at South Park Community Centermore at Blogging Georgetown.


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14 Responses to “South Park Bridge closure: “How will we survive this?””

  1. Steve Cox often explained that he opposed annexation to Seattle because “what you see is what you get.” If you care about White Center and the other neighborhoods in North Highline, please follow the link to the full post on the West Seattle Blog and be sure to read the comments. Our neighbors in South Park are facing a disaster. Why should we believe we’d be treated any differently?

  2. Wow Liz, you managed to take the closure of a bridge half owned by the county and half owned by Tukwila, add Steve Cox’s name and make it an anti-Seattle rally call. I hope your proud of yourself.

    I sympathize with the citizens of South Park, but the county (who is your current local government Liz) is ultimately responsible for this mess. I don’t see you blaming Tukwila either.

    To those who read these blogs. Remember, the people who tell you you will have a bigger voice in burien are the loudest people in the community. OF COURSE THEY CARE. The other 99.9% of us go to work and take care of our kids. We want low taxes and better services. Don’t let Liz use the South Park Bridge closure to confuse a seperate issue. Thanks.


  3. Is this really such a disaster? The 1st Ave bridge isn’t that far out of the way, and $120 million isn’t small. I’m curious to see if traffic doesn’t just resolve itself into more efficient patterns.

  4. Liz,

    I suggest that you take 5 minutes to educate yourself concerning the boundaries of the local governments, as well as the stewardship of the “South Park Bridge”. Or at least take some time to create a less-transparent anti-Seattle rant.

  5. I completely agree with AJ Liz, it’s very disheartening for me to see you use Steve Cox’s memory in a political gesture. I too hope you’re proud of yourself.


  6. Has anybody ever seen AJ, George, and Mark Ufkes in the same room? Thought not.

    South Park is in the SEATTLE city limits, no matter who has jurisdiction over the bridge itself. The City of SEATTLE has an obligation to the people who live in South Park and pay taxes there.

    Where has SEATTLE’s leadership been? AWOL, that’s where. They’re all wringing their hands after the fact. It is a FACT that the 2007 RTID measure would have fully funded repair of the South Park Bridge. It is a FACT that Dow Constantine and Greg Nickels tried to get the RTID passed. It also is a FACT that now-mayor Mike McGinn opposed RTID and gloated about having helped kill it.

    What other message COULD White Center take from Mike McGinn’s lack of concern for South Park? Who do they think they’re kidding?

  7. What does Steven have to do with any of this? Oh.. He was a past President of NHUAC! That’s it.

  8. Wow, I think someone really needs to go and check their facts. A good portion of South Park is most definitely NOT currently in the city limits of Seattle. While I can appreciate your passion, do some research first.

    I offer a basic analogy. If I, through my own neglect, failed to maintain my own house and it were to collapse. I wouldn’t blame it on my next door neighbor. King County and Tukwila own the bridge, not Seattle.

  9. Hi George,
    I’m not sure if your aware of this but me, you and Mr. Ufkes are all the same person. Shocked? I know I was.
    I don’t know if your aware of this either, but I have it on hard fact that Seattle caused the earthquake in Chile, global warming, Micheal Jacksons death, and all the California wildfires that will happen this season. People in Seattle hate kittens, and the Mayor plans to blow up all the rainbows. All the rainbows.
    Meanwhile in Burien, there are rainbows and police officers on very corner. There are no taxes in Burien. None. No public works projects are ever canceled or underfunded. Yep Burien is about the most magical place I’ve ever been to.
    Just thought you might wanna know George, and if you need a car, trust me there’s a whole bunch of dealerships just waiting for your business.


  10. In regard to your statement to Liz that it was “disheartening for me to see you use Steve Cox’s memory in a political gesture”. I seem to recall a Seattle Firefighter who was part of the pro-Seattle group (the group that bashes NHUAC, and claims that they never felt welcome at the meetings), who spoke at the recent NHUAC meeting about his friendship with Steve. You know the man that misses Steve so much he started crying. Well if any of you actually knew Steve, you would have known that at the time of his death, he was the president of NHUAC, and it is well known that he was opposed to Seattle annexation, and was very much in favor of annexation to Burien – Also on a side note, it is very curious that the pro-Seattle people who attended the NHUAC meeting seemed to not be aware of the work that the gang unit performs, and even worse did not seem to appreciate their hard work – is it because they all live in a little enclave that is sheltered from the problems the rest of us deal with being closer to the Seattle city limits? So stop all your self righteousnes, and gesturing – The bottom line is it does not matter what the “White Center Homeowner’s Association” says about Seattle annexation – we need to get the facts from the city – not from some bogus bloggers named “George or AJ” and certainly not from the Mark Ufkes, who as most people know has his own agenda.

  11. Wow Barbara! Good for you, getting out from behind the facts and using unrelated issues to push emotional buttons.
    I don’t see you presenting ANY facts. Just you and Liz and Heidi doing what you do best, using fear mongering and scare tactics.
    I don’t buy it.
    Folks, our neighbors in South Park have been let down by King County. Keep the issues of annexation separate. Thanks.


  12. You can exclude me anytime now AJ, scare tatics really?
    South Park remember AJ is both Seattle City limits as well as Unincorporated. I say SP has been let down by both! If you can deny that, that would be amazing.

  13. I’m well aware of the borders in the area Heidi, the bridge itself and the area it’s in are both King County, and Tukwila.
    Fine I’ll exclude you from the group, but come on. The bridge not being repaired/ replaced is the counties fault, as it stands all areas are hurting for money. To simultaneously expect Seattle to be the deep pocket fix, and bash them if they don’t come through is stupid. I don’t expect Burien to fix the viaduct, even though it affects them.

    This is a seperate issue from annexation Heidi, and I believe we can both agree on at least this one thing.