U.S. Senate candidate Sean Salazar opening White Center office

Dropping by Cafe Rozella on Saturday, we learned from proprietor Leticia that a new neighbor was moving into their building in the Delridge Triangle. And we’ve just gotten confirmation – the campaign manager for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sean Salazar says they’re indeed opening an office next to Cafe Rozella, probably within the next two weeks. Debra Churchill added in e-mail, “Our campaign is all about reaching out to communities in the inner cities. This is a campaign office for us to stay connected with ‘The People’.” Salazar is a Mountlake Terrace chiropractor, running for the seat held by Democratic U.S. Senator Patty Murray, who’s finishing her third 6-year term.

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5 Responses to “U.S. Senate candidate Sean Salazar opening White Center office”

  1. too bad he is a republican
    i was so hoping for a local democratic contender

  2. Patty Murray is finishing her third six-year term.

  3. Ouch, I know better – I knew she was first elected in 1992 (as the famous underdog “mom in tennis shoes”) because I interviewed her (and other candidates) that year while working for KOMO. How I turned 18 years into two 6-year terms, no clue. Thank you, fixing – TR

  4. So this guy lives in Mountlake Terrace and decides to open up his campaign office in White Center? Interesting.

  5. As is typical for a U.S. Senate campaign, since the seat serves the whole state, they have multiple offices. So this is one of them – not THE office.