Burglars hit under-new-ownership Hang Around in White Center, recovery party planned

Heard about this via Twitter (where you can follow WCN at @whitecenternow) and got the details in e-mail from Hang Around Bar and Grill (formerly The Wall, as reported here recently) owner Joe (who says he’s retired NYPD):

My place was burglarized on Sunday after closing by possible known suspects who entered by the front dorr with a key and exited through the back door, taking the POS system, took 15 bottles of closed liquor (top shelf), opened the safe knowing the combination and removed over $4000.00 in cash that was to be deposited on Monday.

The machines (games) were never touched and the DJ equipment still intact.They knew exactly where the DVR1 video camera recorder was and took that as well. Detectives are now handling this from the King County Sheriff. Street Cops are also doing their job on locating these criminals. We lost over $14,000.00 in equipment, merchandise and cash.

The rent $$$ was in that deposit as well. we are trying to recover but as you might know, we just opened and is struggling as it is. We wanted the neighbors to come in and play darts, pool, play music, Dance, drink and just have a great time on Friday as we would call it a recovery party. I figure i can try to get cash to recover from this somehow. I can provide food if need be. This really hurt us mentally, physically and emotionally. We all know in White Center who is the culprit. The police WILL take care of this forthwith! … ~Joe & Glennis

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2 Responses to “Burglars hit under-new-ownership Hang Around in White Center, recovery party planned”

  1. This is horrible. How dare they do that to you. We have one of the best police forces in this Country. Keep the faith, KSCO will get them.

    On a more positive note, we will all be there Friday for support. You and your wife have done an amazing job creating a safe environment there for community residents.

    You cleaned up the corner too and hired awesome security.

    We will not allow the thugs to control our neighborhood.

  2. I think I need to down a pint of beer after work…