Help White Center Heights Elementary make beautiful music

Eliza e-mailed to say she’s organizing a music-instrument-donation drive for White Center Heights Elementary – her mom works there and, as Eliza puts it, the school “just got a really amazing music teacher” but has more students interested in taking the music class than they have instruments. Eliza explains, “The school doesn’t have the budget to buy new instruments and the parents can’t afford to rent them or buy them for the kids.” So, she says, “If you have any old/used/formerly loved instruments you could donate that would be so much appreciated!! I will pick them up, I will come to you, I would just like to get these kids a chance to learn a skill they might otherwise miss out on. Please feel free to email me at or give me a call, 206.818.7376.”

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One Response to “Help White Center Heights Elementary make beautiful music”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I cannot stress how important music is as a class. It is unfunded for a variety of reasons, but the skills and confidence it brings to children is invaluable. I encourage everyone that has an old guitar, drum set or violin sitting around to contact Eliza. I’m donating and old guitar and if someone else has a cello, I have a beautiful bow I’m willing to donate.