Holy Family mourns former vicar Father Ramon Velasco

Went to the Holy Family website to doublecheck on this weekend’s El Carnaval street fair – and discovered this announcement:

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Fr. Ramon Velasco, who many will remember was our parish’s parochial vicar until last year. Fr. Ramon passed away earlier this week, and leaves behind many friends and family members one of whom is a member of the parish, Rosa Velasco. His funeral Mass is scheduled for this Friday at Holy Family before his body is returned to the Philippines.

Unfortunately, we discovered this just as all of the events concluded – a reception has just ended, following a Funeral Mass earlier today that was to be led by Archbishop Alex Brunett.


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One Response to “Holy Family mourns former vicar Father Ramon Velasco”

  1. Holy Family Alumni Says:

    This makes my family very sad. God bless you Father Ramon.