Update: 7 people escape White Center fire this morning

(Photos by Christopher Boffoli; added 11:07 am)
Just got a news release from the Seattle branch of the Red Cross saying it’s helping seven people whose home was gutted by fire this morning at 10044 20th Ave SW (map). We’re checking to see what more we can find out about this fire. 10 AM UPDATE: Photojournalist Christopher Boffoli is at the scene now for White Center Now and West Seattle Blog and tells us investigators are still there. They tell him it started just before 5 am. Everyone got out OK, no injuries. Christopher adds, “Investigators are still working to determine the cause of the fire but as of right now it appears the origin was the kitchen.”


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3 Responses to “Update: 7 people escape White Center fire this morning”

  1. This house has been a problem for quite some time – numerous people come and go – they have been using the alley as a trash dump – abandoned cars on blocks in front of the house and in the alley – piles of trash in the driveway and front of the house – I am glad that all the residents escaped unharmed, but not sorry to see these folks move on – hopefully out of the neighborhood.

  2. was this why I heard a helicopter early this morning?

  3. Yes, we received several helicopter questions and this is the only known incident – I checked with KCSO to be sure there wasn’t some crime situation around that time that had separately brought out a chopper; there wasn’t.