Election 2009: Annexation vote update – tonight’s 2nd count

We dropped in on the victory party tonight for annexation supporters, who you can imagine are jubilant. The second and final vote total of the night is out:


For King County Executive, the results haven’t changed – Hutchison in first, Constantine second, Jarrett third.

ADDED 11:23 PM: When we dropped in on the pro-annexation victory party, we got a written statement from North Highline Unincorporated Area Council president Greg Duff. Here’s the transcription:

This is a great day for the citizens of North Highline. By casting your votes and choosing to annex to Burien, you have exercised your most basic right as citizens of this great country. By annexing to Burien, you have chosen to be a part of one of the best cities in the State of Washington.

No longer will North Highline be at the mercy of a county government who threatens to sell off our parks or our services to balance an inflated budget.

In choosing to annex to Burien, residents of North Highline confirmed the survey conducted by the NHUAC. A majority of the council supported the wishes of the North Highline residents.

Many people participated in this victory tonight. I would like to thank a few of them. To Mike Martin, Burien City Manager, and the Burien City Council, thank you for having the vision to see North Highline as an asset.

To the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council, each member has worked tirelessly for this annexation. Your belief in the system has not faltered.

The victory tonight is only the first step. The northern half of North Highline is still waiting for annexation. We believe the citizens have spoken loudly in the survey and at the polls. We will continue to work hard to serve North Highline and support their wishes.

Now is the time for the public to get involved. Visit our website at northhighlineuac.org. We hve a long hard fight ahead of us and we need you.

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11 Responses to “Election 2009: Annexation vote update – tonight’s 2nd count”

  1. Stephen Lamphear Says:

    A coalition of Burien and N. Highline neighbors, liberals and conservatives worked diligently to promote annexation. Volunteers walked neighborhoods, called voters, shared histories and experiences.

    An exceptional victory for a truly non-partisan grass roots effort that began at least 5 years ago.

    There is only ONE Highline!

  2. Stephen Lamphear Says:

    I’m behind Walt in the black shirt.

  3. Thank you North Highline voters!

  4. Omg, yah… actually it started in 2002 Stephen! What a wonderful community we live in.

  5. A big thank you to the NHUAC for their attendance last night at the election watch party. I would be remiss if I did not mention two of our members who would have loved to be there last night but could not. Teresa Vert, We know you were thinking about us. Barb Peters, We know this is your fight and you know how much we miss you and love you.
    Hurry back.

  6. To bad I live in North Highline – North and didn’t get a chance to vote “NO” to Burien; but at least I haven’t lost, yet.

  7. Way to go voters! Good luck with your new Burien City address ;)
    You voted yes to be part of an open transparent City government who cares about your neighborhood and your quality of life.

  8. Welcome to Burien! Our great community just got even better.

  9. I’d guess that with Nickels’ defeat in the Seattle mayoral primary, The chances that Seattle will pursue North Highline annexation any further just became ZERO.

  10. Hey private, chances are lookin good! However, good ole Conlin is probably still in the X-mayors pocket and I’m guessin he’ll likely try to pursue it. Back in December of 2006 he stated the reason he wanted to annex NH. He said, “Those people come with land”. Check the Seattle City Council archives, hey..even watch the video. It was amazing to see, absolutely incredible. He said it all, and yes it’s just your land. Even Sally Clark with her spill that day, “I just love that community”, she was asked if she had ever been in NH when I called her office, need I say, she had no reply but her secretary did say it was on her schedule to tour! Can’t wait till the new Mayor is seated!

  11. I agree with private24, it is highly unlikely that the City of Seattle will attempt to annex the northern portion of North Highline because Nickels was the person pushing that. There isn’t a majority of the Seattle City Councilmembers who want to annex and given Seattle is facing a $72 million budget shortfall next year
    http://publicola.net/?p=12453 I just cannot see Seattle pursuing any annexation.