Public Safety Meeting Tonight at St. James 6 p.m.

The monthly public safety meeting will be held tonight (Thursday) at 6 p.m.  If you want to learn what is being done to make this community safer or have concerns regarding same, attend and make your voice heard.  I for one would like to see more action to rid the White Center business district of creeps like these, drinking malt liquor on the side of a grocery store, happy as pigs in sh*t.

Chronic alcoholics and other miscreants

Chronic alcoholics and other miscreants

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2 Responses to “Public Safety Meeting Tonight at St. James 6 p.m.”

  1. We have problems with them hanging out behind our house in the greenbelt park. I’ve had to call the Sheriff’s Dept a few times, and thankfully gotten good results.

  2. Dick Thurnau Says:

    Alcohol usage in King County Parks is prohibited KC Code 7.12.640 yet it flourishes with out enforcement. This illegal alcohol usage in Lakewood Park / Hicks lake provides a very poor image for the students young minds that frequent the park from the two schools located next door.And frankly have received no encouagement from any KC Dept.including former KC Executive that we have contacted with letters and photos for the past many years.Parents do you want your children exposed to this illegal activity?