Got a messy house? Reality TV show may be your solution

Got this note from a Seattle-based TV production company and thought we’d share (if we weren’t in media, we’d apply ourselves, as absolute experts on house-messiness):

Seattle’s Screaming Flea Productions is shooting an upcoming TV pilot in Seattle:

Do you have clothes from your laundry room, toys from your kids’ rooms, and odds and ends stored in your garage starting to spill out and invade your living spaces? Does your home need some major design updating?

We’re looking for couples to appear on a new design makeover show for a major cable network. This show focuses on couples whose homes are messy, cluttered and disorganized. Our team (an organizer, designer, and carpenter) will organize and redesign rooms in your home at no cost to the homeowner. You just have to be able to let go of the clutter and have a real desire to get organized!

We start shooting very soon.

Please send your story along with pictures of your mess and yourselves to:


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One Response to “Got a messy house? Reality TV show may be your solution”

  1. Ashleigh Kubokawa Says:

    I was wondering if it will be filmed in the Seattle area or all over. I live in the Bay Area and my family’s house is in dire need of de-cluttering.