Updates: Fire in South Delridge building; Muslim prayer hall closed

(added 7:14 pm, photo by Tony Bradley, replacing our original iPhone photo)
We’ve been covering this on partner site West Seattle Blog. Nobody inside, nobody hurt, no major damage from the outside, but flames were briefly visible from inside. As of 7 pm, that block of Delridge was still blocked off, as was 17th SW between Delridge and Roxbury, so avoid the Triangle area for a while, though fire crews should clear before TOO long. MONDAY MORNING UPDATE: Our fellow White Center Now contributor Ricardo Guarnero at neighboring Cafe Rozella says the fire actually was in a Muslim prayer hall in this building. We are still awaiting word from Seattle Fire investigators regarding cause/damage. Ricardo adds that there’s a note on the door saying “MASJID is closed indefinitely,” and adds, “The sign is on the door where Muslims gathered to pray five times a day. Next door is the ‘Hope Academic Enrichment Center.’ Both were there for the Muslim community in White Center – mostly African immigrants from the horn of Africa.”

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