White Center/North Highline shopping-cart roundup: How you can help

We reported recently that the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council had plans to help with a roundup of abandoned shopping carts – and now, NHUAC’s Heidi Johnson has sent us the flyer that has information on who to contact at which stores, and what their policies are. Download it here – and help clear those carts out of YOUR neighborhood!

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6 Responses to “White Center/North Highline shopping-cart roundup: How you can help”

  1. Heidi – this is great! Thanks for the info. What is the turn around time as Albertson’s in White Center was contacted last week about 2 carts, which are still adorning the streets. Should we just keep calling back – as I think two weeks is a long time to wait for a pickup.

  2. Hi Mattie,
    They did not give a specific turn around time. I would definitely call them back if it has been two weeks. Most of the store managers said it would be with in a day or so including Albertsons in WC!

  3. Any advice for getting one removed from the greenbelt duck pond off of 100th?

  4. You can call the store to where the cart belongs. I can go check it out this Saturday to see but in the mean time you can also call the King County Sheriff’s Office White Center Storefront on 16th Ave S.W., Community Service Officer Jackson can assist in the situation if there is no store label and too much difficulty in getting it. WC CSO has an abandoned shopping cart retrieval program in place too.

  5. Thanks Heidi, It’s upside down so I can’t tell what store it might belong to.

  6. I see all the fuss going on at the Full tilt ice cream store about the music. Which i am sure is great i have heard that they are a great bunch of people. Also Cafe Rozzela I have met and are great people. I just want to mention that The Wall on 16th & 98th has great live music on fridays and saturdats starting in March. cover bands on fridays like rush tribute band, Van Halen. Tom Petty, Heart etc. Also all original bands on Saturdays 3 of them on saturday nights. just thought that other buisness;s should get mentioned.