White Center tasting event at Full Tilt: Beer and ice cream, together at last!

From White Center Now‘s own Justin Cline @ Full Tilt Ice Cream – this news release announcing an event coming up March 1st:

One scoop or two? How about a brew?

Full Tilt Ice Cream, one of South Seattle’s most interesting new small businesses, is joining forces with another local innovator, Laughing Buddha Brewery, to give Seattle palates an evening of exotic bliss. On March 1st, Laughing Buddha brewmeisters Joe Valvo and Chris Castillo will be on hand at Full Tilt to showcase selections from their new line of Asian-style beers, including brews with names like Purple Yam Porter, Mango Weizen and Pandan Brown Ale. While there, Joe and Chris will also be answering questions about craft brewing and discussing their quest to bring the flavors of Asia to the Seattle beer scene.

After quaffing samples of beer, visitors can try some of Full Tilt’s similarly unique and inspired ice cream and sorbet flavors, including: pandan (a Southeast Asian leaf with a nut-like aroma), ube (also known as Filipino purple yam or Okinawan sweet potato), ginger, and lychee.

In keeping with the “meet the producer” theme of this event, Full Tilt owner Justin Cline will be talking about the art of making craft ice cream while he’s scooping you out a dish or coneful. If the ice cream and beer flavors aren’t stimulating enough, you can even try a game of pinball at one of Full Tilt’s 16 vintage pinball machines, or check out one of the local small-circulation “zines” on the reading shelf.

Full Tilt is to ice cream what Laughing Buddha Brewery is to beer: both are craft establishments that use exotic ingredients rarely found in Western-style cuisine. These two local businesses are expanding the world of flavor in ways that no one else is doing, so don’t miss the chance to experience both of them in a single visit.

This happens at 3 pm March 1 at Full Tilt in downtown White Center.

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2 Responses to “White Center tasting event at Full Tilt: Beer and ice cream, together at last!”

  1. Mango weizen?

    Oh, yum. That sounds so good!

  2. Are kids welcome?