Jubilee Days needs a new logo

As posted on CL: White Center Jubilee Days needs “a new logo and an artist to create it.” Interested? gmc_tile@comcast.net; here’s the website from this past summer’s event.


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6 Responses to “Jubilee Days needs a new logo”

  1. Hi,
    I would like to design a new logo for Jubilee Days.

    I live on the edge of White Center just north of Roxbury. I have taken great interest in the blossoming of White Center identity and pride lately.

    I was in the Jubilee Days Parade this year, dressed as a pirate and representing the NO JAIL effort. I designed the NO JAIL graphic. You can see pictures here:

    Dina Lydia Johnson

  2. I hope they’re also thinking about a complete website redesign ’cause just a new logo is not going to help that site.

  3. Karen Therese Says:

    Not only does Jubilee Days need a new logo, Jubilee Days itself needs a complete makeover. Our community is so diverse and we went last year and we were embarassed by how lame the whole thing was. Most of the vendors were selling stuff you could get anywhere in any town in America and we are still getting phone calls from people trying to sell us stuff.

    We have so many amazing restaurants in White Center, why weren’t they represented?!?!

    A few years back there was a multi-cultural food/celebration at the Steve Cox park and that was an amazing thing to attend.

  4. There is going to be an entire festival redesign I think.

  5. Karen is right, in fact, we don’t need just a new logo we need to be rebranded. Even the word jubilee is archaic. Anybody work at an agency that could use some good publicity?

  6. Not sure who amongst the commenters here is directly involved but if there is anything we can do to further expose the call for help (maybe a longer writeup on our widely read partner site West Seattle Blog), please let us know: whitecenternow@gmail.com – thanks!