Live at WSB: Seattle Public Schools announcements

If you are interested, we are covering tonight’s announcement of Seattle Public Schools closure/changes plans live at West Seattle Blog. Not far from White Center, it’s reported that Arbor Heights Elementary will be on the list (and one reader has said that in turn, another “program” may move into that building) – so there could be WC-vicinity effects. You can see our updates here.


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One Response to “Live at WSB: Seattle Public Schools announcements”

  1. Pathfinder, a public alternative K-8 program is slated to move there. My daughter currently goes to Pathfinder, and it is in a terribly dilapidated building.

    They tried to nix the program two years ago and encountered a hornets nest. Evidently the parents who send their children to alternative public education are a passionate bunch.

    That being said, I can imagine the consternation that the current occupants of Arbor Heights must feel. I guess we will just have to wait to see how this shakes out.