Here’s the scoop on Roxbury helicopter search and arrest

We were covering this on partner site West Seattle Blog because of a helicopter sweep over West Seattle – but now it’s become a White Center story and we have actual facts from King County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. John Urquhart: A woman was attacked and “cut” by her boyfriend; she ran to Texaco at 16th/Roxbury for help; he ran to a friend’s house. Officers converged on the house to arrest him, and the King County helicopter Guardian One helped. If you saw the TV report about a “homicide suspect” — Sgt. Urquhart says the man MAY have a homicide warrant from somewhere else, but that hadn’t yet been verified; there was NOT a homicide in White Center. Will update if/when we get more info, but that’s the gist of it – the man is in custody. 10:34 PM UPDATE: TV says that other case was in Kent in July. 10:40 PM UPDATE: Got another call from Sgt. Urquhart, who confirms that the man was wanted for a Kent murder a few months ago. Appears to be this case. 10:49 PM UPDATE: Also heard back from Lt. Ron Smith at Seattle Police’s Southwest Precinct, who says two of his officers did help KCSO handle calls in White Center for a short time because of this incident — Seattle Police are all clear of the WC incident now — and also adds one other detail, that the location was “11th SW just south of Roxbury.”

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5 Responses to “Here’s the scoop on Roxbury helicopter search and arrest”

  1. venusflytrap Says:

    I live in Shorewood and was awakened a little after 2AM this morning to the sound of a helicopter flying in a tight circle above the Sound close to the shore between 116th and 128th Street. It went on for about 45 min. and then left to the South and came back about 5 minutes later and flew up and down the Sound for another 30 – 40 minutes. Does anyone have any information on this?

  2. White center on the water Says:

    Yeah, I live in the same neighborhood. That chopper was flying over the house for at least 2 hours. It didn’t have a spotlight on so I find it hard to believe that they were “searching” for someone on the ground. It looked like they were flying over the water.

  3. White center on the water,
    The Sheriff’s Office helicopter has FLIR, forward looking infrared
    which allows them to search for people without turning on spotlights.

  4. For what it’s worth, the night of the White Center arrest (Kent murder suspect who allegedly assaulted his girlfriend in WC), they weren’t looking for anyone – they staged over West Seattle for a long time before finally moving in to assist with the arrest.

  5. Living in White Center’s Community I am accustumed to the sound of the overhead helicopter as it’s main objective is to assist the ground officers’ aprehend a suspect. I am grateful for the Guardian One’s service it provides our neighborhodd and surrounding communities.

    The known 16 year old gang member arrested here was arrested for the Shooting of a High School Boy in Federal Way