Sandwich-Board Signs Stolen – Reward Offered

In the last month, the sandwich board signs for Village Green Nursery, Cafe Rozella and the 16th Avenue Halal market have been stolen.  Apparently, one of the signs was found at the Home Depot dumpster which indicates that these thefts are plainly malicious.  These signs are not cheap and for a small business, especially businesses like Village Green and Cafe Rozella that are not conspicuous, they are important in driving traffic.  Accordingly, Cafe Rozella is offering a $50 coupon reward for anyone who fingers the dirty rats behind these thefts.  Call (206) 763-5805 or email 

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One Response to “Sandwich-Board Signs Stolen – Reward Offered”

  1. Ricardo, Have you considered the possibility that SDOT might be picking up your signs because someone complained? It appears from this City of Seattle web page
    that A-Frame signs on sidewalks are only allowed in certain business districts: Broadway, Pike Place Market, and Pioneer Square.