Hicks Lake dock-removal work begins

Dick Thurnau from Friends of Hicks Lake sent word that work on this long-anticipated project has begun in earnest; we went to Lakewood Park to get that photo this afternoon. As he points out, the railings are now off the soon-to-be-ex-dock, and work crews are setting up on the eastern shore. According to the county website, this project is costing about a quarter-million dollars. Meantime, Dick also says Friends of Hicks Lake will meet at 11 am October 27th at the west picnic shelter (10th SW entrance) of Lakewood Park, with the Pomegranate Center scheduled to, as Dick says, “give us insight on how to utilize people and organizations for funding available for Lakewood Park / Hicks Lake improvements.”

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2 Responses to “Hicks Lake dock-removal work begins”

  1. HighlandParkster Says:

    Someone should tell the contractors doing the work at the park about King County’s leash laws. There are at least half a dozens signs alllll over the park reminding responsible dog owners that it’s just good sense –as well a law– that your dog be leashed. If you want to take your dog off-leash, Westcrest Park is so close by.

    Today at Lakewood Park, I witnessed one of the contractors’ dogs running around on the disc golf course unleashed. The dog was no where near its owners who were parked within the fenced construction enclosure.

    King County Government, I BEG you to please make sure that the contractors you hire to do work in your parks know the laws of those parks.

    Not to gang up on the irresponsible construction crew, but the heavy machinery required to remove the dock has destroyed the grass on the disc golf course. It’s a real mess over there.

  2. Dick Thurnau Says:

    Not only dogs run loose unleashed,in Lakewood Park / Hicks lake but also leave their waste that owners fail to pick up, with small children using the play equimpent and dogs running uncontrolled it is Scary situation.
    Other problems in the park are the vandalism,Graffiti Scribbling, and Illegal Alcohol usage items that need to be controlled. SUGGESTION;Install a full time care taker in the park House to help control these long over concerns.