What happened at tonight’s North Highline UAC meeting

Lots to report from tonight’s North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meeting, from fundraising to graffiti-fighting to annexation. Here are the highlights:

GRAFFITI: Ron Johnson talked about the North Highline UAC’s new website (www.northhighlineuac.org), with this highlight: A button to click to report graffiti. They want to get the word out – “if you see graffiti, hit the button.” Also on the graffiti-fighting front, Margaret Anthony from King County Parks discussed the draft plan we mentioned in our White Center/South Delridge Community Safety coverage last week (read it here), and Darlene Sellers from the Teen Center said they’re working to obtain more paint and primer to take care of graffiti problems – and prioritizing which graffiti gets painted out first, by looking at “how offensive” it is.

ANNEXATION: Burien city manager Mike Martin recapped the Boundary Review Board’s abbreviated hearing held Tuesday night (read White Center Now coverage here). He said Burien has sent letters to Seattle, Seatac, Tukwila, and the King County Executive, saying it’s ready to talk about annexation any time, anywhere, and will make whatever accommodations are necessary to make it work with other participants. He had a few relatively sharp words about what Seattle legal rep Roger Wynne said at the hearing; he described it as “doing a disservice to all involved” and said he believes Seattle is stalling so that it has one more chance to get the State Legislature to pass a law that would make annexation more financially feasible. Meantime, he reiterated that Burien plans to refile an annexation proposal within a few months. And he told NHUAC members that he’d like to bring them into the Burien government process as citizen volunteer advisers, suggesting this is a good time to “get to know” the government that may eventually be accountable for most of their area.

STEVE COX PARK: A meeting is planned at 6 pm September 17th to talk about topics including possible tree removal; signs will go up in the park to let people know about the meeting. Meantime, it was reported that the park has qualified for Adopt-A-Park, which means it’s eligible for four helping projects per year. And plans are still under way for fundraising on behalf of a permanent memorial; a special dinner is in the works.

COMMUNITY MEETING: A reminder about the community meeting NHUAC is presenting at St. Bernadette’s two weeks from tonight, 7 pm September 18. Come to discuss hot topics – and for the free coffee and cookies!

The North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meets on the first Thursday of every month, usually 7 pm at North Highline Fire District headquarters. Find minutes of previous meetings here.

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3 Responses to “What happened at tonight’s North Highline UAC meeting”

  1. Dick Thurnau Says:

    Fiends of Hicks Lake held thier meeting on 9 /3 /2008 at Lakewood park / Hicks Lake. One topic Graffiti.
    Graffiti contamination is simplicity all you need is a marker pen or a can of spray paint and the canvases are public and private properties.The resolution to graffiti is a costly complex degrading concern to the community and was discussed by many at the meeting with different aspects on this growing concern. The week link seems to be the justice system as the Sheriff deputy explained, even though the scribblers are caught(red Handed)Because a large share of scribblers are youth they do not even receive a slap on the Wrist. This is and area our governing bodies needs to look into closely and quickly to help resolve loop holes.

  2. Dick Thurnau Says:

    For Clarification Friends of Hicks Lake is not associated with NHUAC our meeting was held on 9/3 2008 a Wed. NHUAC meetings are held on Thursdays.Our purpose and goal is to pursue all means to have clean healthy lake water in Hicks Lake.We sponsor a free BBQ to alert and inform the community annualy at Lakewood Park home of Hicks
    Lake.This Lake being only 4 acres with out a natural outlet receives drainage from 750 water shed acres, causing yearly flooding is contaminated with Phosphours loading and Fecal Coliform (poop)

  3. Friends of Hicks Lake will sponsor and cooperate with KC Parks Evergreen Maintenance Dist for a clean up day. On Saturday 9/27/2008 from 10:00AM to3:00 PM at Lakewood Park/ Hicks Lake.
    Tools,gloves will be furnished all we need is volunteers as their is alot of work that needs to be accomplished. Students from Seattle Pacific University come annually
    This an invite for all residents of North Highline tio make a difference. Thank you in advance.
    Dick Thurnau 206-244-4558