Notes from Cafe Rozella

A group of very charming young people just came by the Cafe.  Their English was halting so I spoke to them in Spanish, to which they were thrilled.  They also loved our poetry wall with its emphasis on Pablo Neruda.  Turns out they are dancers from Argentina and are here to perform traditional Tango.  (As readers may know the Tango originated in Argentina.)  They will be performing in late September.   Please check here for more details.

Most people are not aware that we sit near a small store-front mosque.  Everyday, you can see Muslims from the Horn of Africa make their way to the mosque for prayers.  They are a very handsome people and carry themselves with regal bearing.  I find it fascinating that they have travelled so very far away to wind up in chilly Seattle (the Switzerland of America).  I am still waiting for the day, soon to arrive, when we can enjoy fresh falafel sandwiches in White Center.

If White Center is any indication, Seattle continues to be a draw for people from other parts of the country — especially the midwest.  The greatest number come from Michigan followed by the Chicago area and Minnesota.  Then there’s the couple from the Yukon (I know that’s Canada).

Just finalized plans for an exhibition and sale of Oaxacan rugs.  The rugs are made by a women’s collective in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Oaxaca is heavily indigenous and the rugs will bring that imprimatur.  We will likely have music to go along with the exhibition.  That should happen on September 24th of 25th.   Click here for more details.

Charanga Danzon will provide the music this Friday at the Cafe.  Charanga Danzon plays traditional Cuban music and is comprised of some excellent musicians.  Should be a fun performance.

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2 Responses to “Notes from Cafe Rozella”

  1. John from Seahurst Says:

    Thank you for your news, your views and your wonderful coffee. I stopped by for the first time ever last Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed the coffee and atmosphere, not to mention the Neruda poetry in the men’s room! For those of you who love carrot cake – try a slice of their carrot cake!

  2. Since leaving Cap Hill for SW Seattle (we’re in fairly homogeneous Gatewood) I have been totally digging the ethnic diversity of White Center. To get a decent felafel there too – oh, I might cry from the joy of it! I’m with you hoping that day arrives soon.