Goats on the loose!

Phoebe sent that photo to the mailbox for our partner site WSB – but it’s in the unincorporated area, so we’re sharing it here first. She writes:

There were goats running around loose near SW 106th Street and 28th Ave SW this AM! (map) I saw them darting out into traffic and then ducking into this yard for a snack! I parked my car and tried to find where they had escaped from without any luck. Eventually I called animal control who told me the goats are technically in King Co (Seattle city limits end at SW 106th & 32nd Ave SW) and that she would “see what she could do”. I drove by again at 10:00 and I didn’t see them in the area…I hope they made it home safe & sound!

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One Response to “Goats on the loose!”

  1. Great photo Phoebe, Thanks for sharing! and for taking the initiative to call animal control. Hopefully they are home safe.