School’s “temporary” move to White Center may last longer

West Seattle Montessori is moving into a location by the White Center Library, since its longtime WS location is the site of a new Harbor Properties development. That’s old news, but this isn’t: WSMS had been talking with Harbor about having a home in the new building at its old site, but Harbor told us this morning that those talks are no longer under way — apparently the cost and effort of moving into one new location, only to vacate it a year or so later, wasn’t going to work so well.

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2 Responses to “School’s “temporary” move to White Center may last longer”

  1. I think this is appauling-Harbor properties should have to cover all the costs of this school move AND they should build them a new site witin their complex. I am sick and tired of schools and childcares getting shoved aside so that condos can rule-that is NOT what West Seattle needs and most certainly NOT what WSMS deserves.
    Shame on Harbor Properties.

  2. Thanks for the comment. If you wanted to pursue that rationale, though, what about the previous property owner who decided to sell to Harbor Prop – would you consider them responsible at all, since if they hadn’t sold, theoretically, WSMS wouldn’t have had to move?

    Meantime, just one small data point for the archives, Harbor is building apartments, not condos. Or at least, the units will start as apartments. We are working on a full report about the meeting from which this information emerged, and will be posting it on West Seattle Blog sometime tomorrow (Tuesday).