One more date to mark on your calendar

The North Highline Unincorporated Area Council is inviting you to a 9/18 community meeting on topics including annexation and graffiti-fighting – here are the details just in from Heidi Johnson:

Here’s the full announcement she sent:

A Community Meeting including the neighborhoods of Beverly Park, Top Hat, White Center, Salmon Creek, Boulevard Park, Glendale, Riverton Heights, Shorewood, & South Park will be held on:

September 18th, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.

Located at: St Bernadette’s Parish School Hall on 128th and Ambaum Blvd. (map)

Please join NHUAC as we host our community meeting. We will cover our recommendation on annexation, have information available about our graffiti campaign, as well as other resources. We have invited other entities listed below for community members to have one-on-one conversation with.


King County Sheriff’s Office

King County Code Enforcement

Burien Fire Department

City of Burien Officials

Burien City Police

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4 Responses to “One more date to mark on your calendar”

  1. I noticed that the Burien Fire Department, the City of Burien, and the Burien Ciy Police were invited to this meeting, but not the Seattle Fire Department, the City of Seattle or the Seattle Police Department.

    It seems clear that the NHUAC doesn’t want the community to engage with anyone from Seattle.

  2. NHUAC members can address Valkyrie’s comment on their own. I would note, though, that these are unpaid volunteer positions that often go begging.

    In fact, one is open now. At the bottom of the UAC home page, at , there is notice of a vacancy for an at-large position on the Council.

    If there is such a groundswell for annexation to Seattle, it would seem that there would be no shortage of applicants for the Council who would turn that body more toward their position.

    In fact, quite a few pro-Seattle-annexation people have served on the Council in the past. Could it be that they found that support for their position was not as widespread as they had hoped it might be?

    Maybe some of them can answer. I just pose the questions. I do not claim to have the answers.

  3. Heidi Johnson Says:

    In past NHUAC meetings, the City of Seattle has attended and presented materials and lectures to people that have attended the NHUAC meetings. Presentations included information from Dept. of Neighborhoods, Dept. Of Human Services, SPD, SFD, and Kenny Pitman, Seattle’s Senior Policy Analysis Personnel from the Mayor’s Office.
    The unbiased approach of providing information to the public from both entities of Seattle and Burien are all verifiable through NHUAC’s recorded meeting minutes kept on file that are open to the public to view.
    Further more the notice in question states that NHUAC will discuss their recommendation on Annexation, their minutes show that they recommended a Burien Annexation by a majority vote.
    It is very clear that this is an NHUAC meeting in regards to their recommendation.

  4. King county parks has installed high steel poles with signs attached to the top side stating Area under video survaliance one located at Lakewood Park restroom and one installed at Evergreen fields restroom.Latest examination they seem to be working.
    KC parks maintenance state that removing graffiti from the concrete block Walls of the restrooms by pressure washing the walls now show signs of deterioration