The truth about crime and safety

In a growing and changing area like White Center that’s working to overcome outsiders’ inaccurate perceptions – it helps to have the facts. Here’s a good resource to look up the facts about crime and safety in your neighborhood — the King County Sheriff’s Office Crime Stats online search. You can search by area and date; here are the numbers you need to search by area – K1 is the patrol area from Roxbury to 112th, K2 covers 112th to 116th, N1 is 116th southward. Maps are included, so you can see if you’ve found the one covering your neighborhood.

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2 Responses to “The truth about crime and safety”

  1. Joshua Fowler Says:

    FYI – the “N” or Nora districts are city of Burien.

  2. Thank you! Forgive me, I am still finding my way around the precise borders, although it seems they’re not necessarily precise … given some folks on the Seattle city limits side of Roxbury consider themselves in White Center, etc. … thanks for pointing it out, we’ll clarify in the main copy.