In Search of the Great Burrito – Part 2

In reply to some of the comments regarding my post on the search for the Great Burrito, here is my reply.  Sam, as far as Vegetarian fare goes, almost all Mexican restaurants usually have some nice dishes that fully fill the nutrition bill.  Guaymas has some excellent veggie dishes and also serves whole black beans so that would be my first choice for Veggie food, although you will find some good tortas at La Fondita (taco trailer).   I agree that some of the other restaurants have excellent food as well but I was really interested in the “grab & go” variety.  Given that the burrito is perfect for this purpose, and that I love them, I focussed on them but there are other Latin American restaurants that serve great fare, most prominently  the Salvadorean Bakery. No disrespect meant for those not mentioned.

In my next search I will explore the Vietnamese cousin of the burrito:  the Vietnamese Sandwich (that which feeds those of us with quarters snatched from the sofa cushions).   I invite your observations on the best Vietnamese Sandwich in WC.   Let the games begin!

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8 Responses to “In Search of the Great Burrito – Part 2”

  1. I’m a fan of the chicken Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh Mi Gai, I think) at 88 Deli. I love the way the chicken is prepared – sort of pulled apart, dried, salty & delicious. Looking forward to hear about the other places that offer Banh Mi in White Center.

  2. Bubbles on Delridge (okay.. it’s not truly White Center) has the MOST delicious veggie (tofu) baguette I have ever had. Hands down. But then again, I’ve never had a Vietnamese Sandwich I didn’t like.

  3. I like the food posts – keep them coming. I’ve never checked out any of the Vietnamese places in WC but would love a recommendation. I usually get as far as Guaymas and stop there. So tasty and filling.

    It’s nice to see new places (such as Full Tilt) to hang out open in WC. The South part of WS sorely lacks places (there are good ones but not a ton).

  4. Ah the Vietnamese sandwich-a wonder to behold for just about a buck. They don’t get better than Heng Heng but get there early as they run out :) I do add a little extra mayo to mine and take out the jalepino slice. Try the shrimp chips as a side. $2.50 total.

  5. As an avid eater of all things sandwich, I am going to have to go with the White Center Deli’s Combination sandwich. It has a variety of cured meats and assorted veggies. 2 bucks. I get that or the Bhan Bao, which is a soft ball sized steamed bun that holds a baseball sized meat ball, and inside the meat ball is a hard boiled egg and slices of sausages. It is the Russian nesting dolls of food.

  6. Thanks Ricardo. Yes, I’m a frequent visitor to Guaymas, just haven’t been too adventurous beyond that. We veggies can be complicated – can’t have chicken stock in the rice, that sort of thing.

    Hey, now I’m hungry! :)

  7. Compared to other places, 88 deli has probably the best sandwiches I’ve ever had, with sandwiches made when ordered(in particular the BBQ pork is my favorite)and exceptional prices. So you don’t have to guess if it was pre-made and stuck in the fridge.

    Plus they have a really cool restroom that’s clean, with a clear sink that I’ve never seen before in other restaurants.

  8. compared to other place, 88 restaurant is the best the prices, place and the food . How clean and cool restroom is ?