An introduction

I just wanted to write a quick introduction and welcome folks to this new blog.  I am the co-owner of Full Tilt Ice Cream, in the heart of White Center. The store has only been open a little over a month, but I have been in the area for a little over four years now. I wanted to start this blog to share with people the stories of White Center and the people in it. This little neighborhood is to often over looked. The only glimpses many people get are of crimes that happen to make the news. No one seemed to be reporting about the artists, activists, writers, poets, and small business owners that make White Center a vibrant and lively community.

There are going to be a few other people working on this with me. I will let them speak for themselves.

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11 Responses to “An introduction”

  1. Woohoo!

    Thanks for starting a blog on our end of West Seattle.
    Just a suggestion… using a larger and darker font would make it more readable.

    Your Horchata ice cream is ‘to die for’!

  2. Excellent! Thanks Justin, Richardo, and the rest of the team.

  3. I technically live in Highland Park, but only a few blocks from White Center, so I visit it often. Thanks for starting this blog! I’ve added it to my RSS reader.

  4. Right on, brother man!

    You guys should look into the New Orleans style marching band that plays almost every Saturday and Sunday arund 28th and 102nd. I always hear them but have failed to locate the scene.

  5. t4toby – what time do you usually hear them? That sounds like a gig worth getting on video. Teresa – thanks for your comments on the readability – we will have to experiment in the wee hours to see if it’s possible to jack up the size a point or so, at least in the main text column.

  6. Thanks so much for starting this page…I’m an avid reader of the West Seattle Blog (as that is where my office is) but I’m excited to have a new blog closer to where I live!

  7. Horray!!! This is awesome! Thank you so much for starting a blog for our neighborhood!

    And holy crap, Justin you have horchata ice cream now?!? That is fabulous news.

  8. Just wanted to shout out my support. SUPPORT!!

    This is awesome!

  9. I love White Center! Sad to admit, I used to be one of those who thought negatively of it until I started spending time here… glad you started a blog….

  10. Great job getting the site started so fast!

    Teresa, if you are blind like me, I’d recommend downloading the newest version of firefox. All you have to do is hit command + and it will increase the text for you.

  11. so, we had a wonderful time at the reception, thank you so much! perfect for the family and the kids, luv ya lots!!! rene’