Followup: Thanks for the musical instruments donated for White Center Heights kids!

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Two weeks ago, we brought you Eliza Junkerman's request for musical instruments to be donated to White Center Heights Elementary. Tonight, a followup - she says the donation drive was ... Read more..

Help White Center Heights Elementary make beautiful music

Monday, October 5th, 2009 Posted in Education, How to Help, Music, White Center news | 1 Comment »

Eliza e-mailed to say she's organizing a music-instrument-donation drive for White Center Heights Elementary - her mom works there and, as Eliza puts it, the school "just got a really ... Read more..

Announced: Parade Route for Devil’s Dance Parade in White Center – May 29th – 6 p.m.

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[caption id="attachment_2712" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Son de los Diablos Parade"][/caption] The Parade Route for the Devil's Dance has been announced: The Parade starts at El Paisano, on the corner of 15th ... Read more..

Seattle Times: 10 best cds of 2008 – and they wonder why print media is dying

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For the last week I have avoided most "best of" "worst of" "most memorable" lists of any type.  I saw that for almost a week now the Seattle Times has ... Read more..

Full Tilt’s Saturday night sounds: Robotic Daily

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Click pic to play video Ice-cream shop by day, music venue by night - a little shadowy last night as Robotic Daily (among others) played Full Tilt Ice Cream. The brightly ... Read more..

Hot band at Full Tilt tonight

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FullTilt himself hasn't mentioned it yet so I will: Lots of writeups for the fact a hot group's coming to the ice cream shop at 9 pm tonight - No-Fi ... Read more..

Video: “Original jazz sextet” Reptet at Cafe Rozella

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Click pic to play video Ricardo shared a lively Reptet reminiscence earlier in the week (click here if you missed it) - as you can see by our video from tonight's ... Read more..

Tonight, Live music at FULL TILT

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Yeah, we don't normally do midweek shows but this one is going to be amazing. Fatigo from Phoenix is a Latin/Americana freakout. Oh Man is the local support on this ... Read more..

Music at Full Tilt for Friday, and a little blurb in the PI

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We are having the Paper Dolls, and Tom Matchett. It is going to be a good show. Tom is from London, and this is his only show in the NW. Also, ... Read more..