THURSDAY: King County Town Hall for North Highline (updated!)

12:30 AM: It was announced so long ago, you might have forgotten about it – but it’s almost here – the next King County Town Hall for White Center and the rest of North Highline. It’s planned for this Thursday, October 15th, 7 pm, online. You can connect via Zoom or dial in via 253-215-8782. Meeting ID: 965 1297 0751. (If you want an idea of what the meeting will be like, here’s the slide deck from the one held for Fairwood last month.)

ADDED 10:34 AM: We’re told the county is working on NEW connection information, so we’ve crossed out the link above, and will add the new link/info when we get it.

ADDED TUESDAY AFTERNOON: Here’s the viewing/listening info:

Users can join via Zoom at (case-sensitive passcode is VOTE2020!).

They can also join via phone by calling 253-215-8782 and providing the meeting ID number: 959 3261 3768 (passcode 900924959).

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4 Responses to “THURSDAY: King County Town Hall for North Highline (updated!)”

  1. The telephone number 253-215-8782 will not work on my
    residential Century Link home telephone located in North Highline (East of White Center, West of South Park, North
    of Burien, and South of Seattle). Adding a “1” in front
    of the ten digit number makes it long distance.
    I would love to attend these King County Unincorperated meetings via my home telephone.

    PLEASE can’t there be a local (non-long distant) teiephone
    number provided for home attendance at thse very
    informative meetings?

    Thank you

  2. WC, sorry you weren’t able to participate. Yes, with your phone system it might have been considered long distance. Why don’t you contact our KC Council Member, Joe McDermott, ( and see if his office can help you. We want to make sure all our community members can participate here in little ole White Center.

  3. Telephone number 253-215-8782 still requires a”1″
    before connecting. This makes it long distamt “toll” call.

    Please provide a different, “toll free” telephone number,
    or get Century Link to lift the requirement to dial a “1”
    before making a call for the whole 253 area.

  4. There’s likely a Zoom access number for Seattle – one was provided for another meeting I was covering this week – I’m afraid that so many people use cell phones for everything now (it’s been at least 15 years since we gave up our landline (transferring the # to the cell phone of one household member), although ironically we’re abput to add a new one as part of disaster preparedness for the business, since a very basic landline and handset will work regardless of outage, downed towers, etc.) that nobody thinks twice in terms of providing a number that at least seems to be in the region …