UPDATE: Fire callout at Viva Mexico

11:25 PM: 16th SW is closed at SW 106th because of a fire callout at Viva Mexico restaurant. On our way to find out more.

(WCN photo)

12:10 AM: When we got there, what had been a huge callout – more than 15 units initially – was down to just a few. No sign of smoke or flames, or exterior damage, so not a major fire. We will seek more followup info later today.

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4 Responses to “UPDATE: Fire callout at Viva Mexico”

  1. Was any reason given for the huge initial response? An entry on 911 feed made it look like one ladder (L345, I think? ) was responding from outside it’s usual jurisdiction?

  2. As we know from extensive incident coverage in West Seattle, there are often huge initial responses for possible fires, then downsized. We are still trying to get followup info on this, NHFD hasn’t returned our message so we’re trying something else.

  3. Any update? With the Nobel Barton closed we are losing our big sit down restaurants.

  4. Great practice run tho.