UPDATE: Driver hits pedestrian on 16th SW

(WCN photo)

6:38 PM: Thanks for the tips (206-293-6302 text or voice any time). 16th is blocked north of 107th in White Center after a driver hit a pedestrian. Deputies told us at the scene that the male victim was taken to Harborview.

10:47 PM: KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Ryan Abbott tells us the man who was hit in a crosswalk is 50 years old. He was assessed as being in serious condition when taken to the hospital; the crash investigation continues, but the road has reopened.

As noted in a comment, the victim’s family says he is 66 years old and in critical condition. A crowdfunding campaign is under way to help.

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5 Responses to “UPDATE: Driver hits pedestrian on 16th SW”

  1. Seattle drivers are the WORST in the country

  2. Richard Daniel Says:

    Put a pedestrian walk light in that crosswalk. Busy corner. Restaurant grocery store car wash and a small strip mall all right there.

  3. A gofundme campaign has been established by the family. He has a very long road to recovery :-(

    (Not connected to the family, just trying to help.)

  4. Thanks, I will add that above.

  5. I lived near this intersection and I remember several fatalities and several extremely serious injuries in this crosswalk. The drivers on 16th speed and don’t slow down. I instructed my children never to cross there because its too dangerous. This intersection needs a stoplight. I sincerely hope the county will do something before the next pedestrian accident here.