Crash, stabbing investigation in White Center

(WCN photo)

Thanks for the tips. The big King County Sheriff’s Office response near 17th/98th is for a complicated crime scene – a car crashed and a man with stab wounds was found inside. He has been rushed to Harborview. Deputies don’t know who attacked him but they believe it happened in the course of a robbery. The victim is reported to be in stable condition.

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16 Responses to “Crash, stabbing investigation in White Center”

  1. WTF is happening in White Center today? this is crazy. grass fire, a guy lights himself on fire and a guy crashes his car with stab wounds? !

  2. It’s a super moon tonight!

  3. WCN, This does not look like the area around 17th/98th.

  4. I just checked with Patrick again and it’s by the KeyBank. My map shows that as 17th/98th. Maybe a little west of 17th.

  5. It is between 17th and 18th on 98th, I was walking my dog right there after this happened. The wonderful dental office staff across the the street came to help and then the police arrived.

  6. Yeah crazy day today I’m in Target and all the sudden the power just goes off and it’s still off what if we got something to do with dead Moon

  7. Marlon A Johnson Says:

    Yeah strange day now all the lights all the sudden went out in Target it’s crazy

  8. Yeah the lights just went out in Target to all of a sudden Strange Day

  9. Sorry we didn’t even get to report it here but we did cover the power outage on our West Seattle site. Not related to the WC incidents.

  10. Thanks all. Should have known that location.

  11. Debbie Lee Robbins Says:

    White Center seems to be in crisis mode this week. A lot of incidences have happened during the week. We all need to be vigilant and keep watchful eyes out.

  12. Hope KCSO has their eyes on the drug house on 98th & 18th (or 19th).

  13. Catherine, have you reported? We know exactly what house you’re talking about and have noticed suspicious people in that alley when walking our dog. Looks like the property is owned by Sound Housing LLC, which have been involved in investing fraud with consent orders appearing online. I’m curious since this is unincorporated King County, what are the options for reporting suspicious activity? Our security cameras pick up plenty of odd behavior, and while it likely has nothing to do with this property in question, we would love to know the appropriate resource for reporting a non-emergency.

  14. Sarah, I live just down the street from that house as well, and I just spoke with an officer about it last week. I called initially because someone was going up and down our street stealing mail. The officer I spoke with was familiar with the location and said she would mention it to local officers. We have called to report suspicious activity on this street, on many occasions over the last several years. It’s difficult because that alley where Holy family Church is, is technically City of Seattle. The city line zig zags a bit along Roxbury. When I report I usually call 911, immediately state that it’s not an emergency (unless it actually is), and let them know right away that I am unincorporated King County because half the time it will be Seattle that picks up. They will transfer you right away.

  15. Catherine and Sarah you could call the non emergency king county number 206-296-3311 they most likely will connect you to a detective or a officer . Just make sure you have good evidence of actual crime going on . Not just thoughts of crime’s going on .

  16. Catherine and Sarah. I have been told many times by KC Sheriff Deputies that you should call regarding suspicious activities. They will determine whether and or how to respond. At block watch meetings, I have been told to report, we are the eyes of the community and that the deputies can not be everywhere all the time.