Next grand opening in White Center: Starbucks, on August 4th

Thanks to Gill for first word on this – he said Starbucks team members in their Jubilee Days booth told him the new drive-thru at 16th/100th would open on Friday, August 4th, and we have confirmed that with a company spokesperson. (For our most-recent update a month ago, Starbucks had said “August,” without specifying a date.) The opening will be 14 months after we broke the news that Starbucks and Popeyes (which opened two weeks ago) would open at what was the White Center Chevron site. When Starbucks finally confirmed it four months after that, they explained it’s part of a plan to open stores in “at least 15 diverse, low-to-medium-income communities” around the U.S. by next year, and that it would include a job-training program.

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8 Responses to “Next grand opening in White Center: Starbucks, on August 4th”

  1. Amy Bradley Says:

    Instead of going to yet another chain coffee shop, continue east on 100th to 8th, turn left and get wonderful coffee at Dubsea Coffee! Support your local, independent businesses! And there are other good coffee places in the area—a Starbucks is an unnecessary addition.

  2. Thank you Howard Schultz for your 2nd positive investment with the people of White Center. First, you and your staff, along with hundreds of volunteers, rebuilt White Center Heights Park during a seven-day effort a couple of years ago. Starbucks invested over $500,000 into this park rehabilitation effort. And now Mr. Schultz, you are opening a Starbucks job training store at a site that was previously famous for selling liquor to our street alcoholics at 7 am every morning. These efforts reflect very well on the Starbucks brand, and provide excellent examples of successful partnership between well-managed companies and community needs. Thanks for doing your part to improve the White Center business district.

    Mark Ufkes
    former White Center Chamber of Commerce President (3 yrs)
    former North Highline Council member (4 yrs)

  3. John Denman Says:

    Beautiful said!
    I am looking forward to our new neighbor!

    Thank You Starbucks!

  4. Yes, Dubsea is a wonderful business with a smart, hard working, courageous, owner. Sybil is fantastic. But one business does not automatically exclude the other. Most would say that each has a different place in the market. And I forgot to mention that we were told by the Starbucks staff that the profits from the Starbucks White Center job training business will stay in White Center.

  5. Dubsea Coffee is indeed a wonderful, flavorful, local product. I don’t believe that I will consume less coffee at Dubsea just because Starbucks is nearby (in fact, I am sure as Dubsea is a few steps from my desk!) despite my role as YWCA’s Coordinator of the Youth Opportunity Program (YOP) at the Starbucks store. But I grew up drinking Starbucks coffee long before I started working in White Center next to Dubsea Coffee. It is even fair to say that it is, in part, due to Starbucks’ coffee that I am able to appreciate other coffees – like Dubsea’s. In short, YWCA is very excited to have another youth-oriented job training option locally available. I think many ignore the fact that the need for youth career opportunities right here in White Center is very great – regardless of one’s sentiments about Starbucks or any major global chain entity coming here. Traditionally, White Center youth can’t wait to leave the neighborhood. This program allows them the option to stay close; and grow with a major organization… IF they so wish. So now, for youth, this is one Starbucks store that serves up opportunities along with coffee. There is no doubt Starbucks is a huge company; but they have also taken the initiative of putting financial and talent resources into the White Center community and economy – something not many businesses (whether based in White Center, Seattle, or elsewhere) are doing; or can afford to do. And, I hope that in the coming months, local youth and young adults (up to age 24) will take advantage of this gateway to viable employment and a prospective career right in this community. For those who do sign-up and complete the program, an employer recruitment & interview (not a career) fair is part of the graduation ceremony – truly a classroom to workplace experience for those who want to get a headstart on their future; or who wonder whether they can be good enough to have one (yes to both!).

  6. Joby Boles Says:

    While it may be an international coffee chain now, let’s not forget that Starbucks is indeed LOCAL. Started in Seattle and their headquarters have stayed in Seattle. Nice to see them investing in our community and our youth.

  7. At this point it’s not a coffee competition – the drive through WINS!!

  8. coffee is not my thing, but the new building makes White Center 100% more appealing and more clean and bright!!!! The new hamburger place/Chinese/BBQ place also down the street is also helping clean up the area and making White Center business area look more appealing to people who live in the area. It would be nice to have a good fish and chips to eat at in White Center area (that is also new). We now have 3 fried chicken places in walking distances from each other. And now have about 3 hamburger places close to each other (Zippy giant burger, Lil Woody’s, and burger boss),