Update: Demolition day for ex-restaurant at 11060 16th SW

(UPDATE: Photos added from end of demolition work)

12:43 PM: Thanks to reader Sally for noticing a new banner on the fencing around 11060 16th SW, the long-vacant, often-vandalized former restaurant (El Chalan, Ezell’s, Wendy’s). The banner touts a bank as “proudly fund(ing)” a project there. The project was news to us, so we looked it up. From the King County Assessor’s Office site, a quick line:


After checking out the banner and starting this story last night, we went back today and discovered that the longtime eyesore is being demolished.

1:17 PM: Adding photos and backstory. It’s been eight years since El Chalan, last tenant of the building, shut down, according to random mentions we’ve found. The North Highline Unincorporated Area Council long campaigned to get the property owners to keep the graffiti vandalism and overgrowth in check; we reported here on a major cleanup almost two years ago. Since then, we’ve seen periodic paintouts.

Meantime, as to its future – according to county permit records, the apartment proposal has been in the system for some time, but just got going in earnest this past September.

ADDED: A few more photos, from the very end of the demolition:

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4 Responses to “Update: Demolition day for ex-restaurant at 11060 16th SW”

  1. What about the old McMurphy’s bar across the street? It closed, sat empty for a while, underwent renovations, and had a Liquor License posted on the door for a month or so… and then that went away, as well.

    That was several months ago and nothing has happened with that building… and the back parking lot is beginning to fill up with trash again.

    Any idea what is going on there? (Corner of 112th, across from the old El Chalan.)

  2. Thank you for this update, I did not see a Posted Notice of Planned action and hope this will not be another facility purchased for psychiatric/drug treatment or an attraction for criminal housing.

  3. Daisy – The lack of a notice was because this really is the same project that’s been working through the system for at least three years, according to what’s in the DDES files. So at some point, maybe years ago, there would theoretically have been notice. CJ – We watch the liquor license files and I haven’t seen anything lately there, but will check into the DDES files later. Lots and lots of properties in flux all the time. We watch commercial real-estate listings too but even there, not everything turns up.

  4. Thank you Tracy, any idea if this will be for social services purposes, we are already heavily burdened in our area with such living quarters (eg the complex just west of the old Thai Thai restaurant that a psychiatric clinic owns.