Tonight: Cheer for local student filmmakers from Cascade Middle School!

Something awesome to do tonight, to support students from White Center AND one of WC’s special natural spots:

I’m a science teacher at Cascade Middle School who also helps run an after school science club for girls called STARS. STARS stands for Students Tackling Authentic and Relevant Science, and aims to provide a space for middle and high school girls to use science to investigate and solve real problems in their community. The ladies chose to focus on the health of Hicklin Lake (which neighbors our school) for their project this year. This is our first year as a club, and we have students from Cascade and the neighboring Evergreen High school as members. A few students from Mount Rainier High School help us out, as well. STARS is run as a joint effort between Cascade (Anna Kramer, science teacher), HS3/Evergreen (Liz Savage, science teacher), and the University of Washington (Sara Hagenah, doctoral student).

(Tonight) we are hosting a film event at the Highline Performing Arts Center. We are premiering a documentary that our students made that showcases what we have learned about the lake, as well as what the ladies are doing about it.

Who: Everyone is invited!
What: The premiere of the first STARS documentary, focused on the issues that currently exist at Hicklin Lake and how we are tackling this problem with our science knowledge
When: Tuesday, April 15th at 6:30 pm
Where: Highline Performing Arts Center, Highline High School, 401 S 152nd St, Burien, WA 98148
Why: Join us in order to:
*Support local students as their share a year of learning and action with you
*Learn more about what’s wrong with Hicklin Lake and what you can do to help
*Support the idea that girls and women have powerful voices in science and in their communities
*Other info: Event is free, and refreshments will be provided. STARS members will be recognized individually, the documentary will be shown, and there will be a short Q & A session. Spanish and (we hope) Arabic interpreters will be available with headsets.

For more information, email

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One Response to “Tonight: Cheer for local student filmmakers from Cascade Middle School!”

  1. AAA Teacher Says:

    Yay, Anna and Liz. I am so excited to hear about this. It sounds so interesting and would be great to bring to our campus too. Thank you for your passion and commitment to our kids.