Seattle City Council to pursue annexation vote for unincorporated areas of South Park; resolution briefly mentions North Highline

11:09 AM: Of note for those continuing to wonder if Seattle will pursue White Center (and vicinity) annexation in the wake of the Burien rejection – we have just learned that a Seattle City Council committee is going to pursue an annexation vote for the two unincorporated sections of South Park, the “Sliver by the River” and “Duwamish Triangle.” Details are on our partner site The South Park News.

ADDED 11:18 AM: We didn’t catch it on first readthrough but the resolution DOES include a brief mention of North Highline’s “Area Y” – seventh paragraph:

WHEREAS, the City Council and Mayor intend to continue discussions with King County regarding the City’s potential future annexation by election of the North Highline Potential Annexation Area, known as Area Y…

That is mostly mentioned in support of why Seattle believes it should annex the Duwamish areas. But stay tuned!

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4 Responses to “Seattle City Council to pursue annexation vote for unincorporated areas of South Park; resolution briefly mentions North Highline”

  1. No surprises here. Certainly explains this portion of the WCCDA White Center Summit as you posted below:

    “We will also take on some of the more challenging topics, in workshop form, that we are faced with here in White Center like: to annexation, transportation and education,”

  2. Has anyone considered White Center becoming it’s own city? Is there a reason I don’t see anyone mentioning this in wake of all the annexation talk recently? I see a lot of people passionately opposed to our community being annexed into Buried and/or Seattle, but if there has been mention of resolving this by becoming their own city, I haven’t seen it. It sounds like soon, we won’t have a choice in the matter and we’re just going to be incorporated where they want us. Let’s consider this?

  3. Heather – It has been looked at – it cannot be done -we do not have anywhere near the tax base to incorporate ourselves – Plain and simple – we cannot become our own city –

  4. …authoritarian socialism. WCDDA is also funded by Seattle Foundation via grants doled out by executives with 6 figure income. Keep us in an oppressed class–“low income” and grant money keeps coming this way, seems that this all revolves around money money money.