Seattle City Light’s new two-way meters: Comment time

Seattle City Light is getting ready to switch to a new type of “two-way meter” involving wireless communication – no more human meter readers. It’s set up three community forums around its service area as well as a website for info and comments – the first forum is tomorrow; the third one, in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood on September 26th, is the closest SCL will get to White Center/West Seattle and vicinity. Here’s the utility’s official announcement:

Seattle City Light will host the first of three community forums Wednesday, Aug. 21, regarding the utility’s plans to replace its aging electrical meters with advanced meters that will provide two-way communication.

The forums will be one of the ways customers can share their thoughts and ask questions about the new meters during this early phase of the initiative.

Forums will be held:

Wednesday, Aug. 21, from 5 to 7:30 p.m.
Northgate Community Center – Multipurpose Room
10510 5th Ave NE

Tuesday, Sept. 10, from 5 to 7:30 p.m.
Seattle Center – Shaw Room
305 Harrison St.
*Shaw Room is located on the corner of 1st Ave N and Republican St. (North of Key Arena)

Thursday, Sept. 26, from 5 to 7:30 p.m.
Seattle Housing Authority NewHolly – Gathering Hall
7054 32nd Ave S

Additionally, a website has been created where visitors can get information about the project and provide comments.

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7 Responses to “Seattle City Light’s new two-way meters: Comment time”

  1. Another heroin over does on the streets of white center yesterday. How long will this go on? It seems every time you turn around the fire an aid are in town taking care of somebody od ed. Heroin traffic in white center is getting out of control.

  2. Now City Light will be SNOOPING on us as well as the NSA

  3. I have had a smart meter on my house now a couple of yrs. It has worked well and there have been no problems. I like the privacy of no meter reader on my property every month. My own opinion is, the smart meter is more accurate than the old magnetic/gear meters that can loose their magnitisim through yrs. of use, spin faster, meaning a higher electric bill for the consumer.

  4. Le Moyne Mueller Says:

    1. So I get notification of this with my bill next month and the meeting in my area is long over…Thanks

    2. When do you plan to tell us about how these meters work?

    3. does this mean the meter readers are now getting their pink slips?

  5. LeMoyne,
    I’m not an expert on the new meters but will share with you what I know.

    There will be a truck that will show up at your house with the smart meters. Your old meter will be read and the new one installed and tested for operation. The new meter will have a digital read-out that will show the date, time, kilo watt hours and something with an EL on it, possibly a designation of the meter being level(?) The meter will put out the information you see on the face of the meter (above) and send it (probably) via satellite to a receiver of some sort that will automatically decipher your electrical usage each month and send the bill to you.
    Can’t be of help regarding the meter readers jobs but I will say the new meters are pretty nice. Probably fairly expensive too.

  6. Will we have a chose? I want to keep my old meter!
    The new meters will allow for “Time-of-Day” billing,
    i.e. now you use power at about 11 cents a kwh all day
    long. The new units will allow the utility to bill you at
    say, 40 cents a kwh in the day and 11 cents a kwh at night.
    NO THANKS to the new meters.

  7. City Light Employee Says:

    Gary-if your in Seattle you don’t have a smart meter, you have an omr radio frequency meter which is way different. Smart meters from research from other states have that have them are not always accurate and some say can be harmful. Customers will not be given the choice even though some will say you will have a choice to opt out but I can guarantee you won’t have that choice. Every residental customer will get a bill once a month instead of every 2 months. City light meter readers will be laid off and most if not all credit reps will be also laid off which have been internally announced but The people incharge will say we hope to move those employees to other jobs. Everyone please do your own research to verify what I am telling you.