King County Sheriff says personal marijuana use won’t lead to arrests, starting immediately

Just in from the King County Sheriff’s Office:

Following a change in filing by the King County prosecutor’s office, King County Sheriff’s Office deputies will not be directed to arrest or charge individuals caught with one ounce or less of marijuana following of the passage of I-502.

Earlier today the King County Prosecutor’s Office made a prosecutorial decision to dismiss several cases of marijuana possess. “Now that the initiative has passed, and now that the Prosecutor’s Office won’t be charging the individuals, we will also not focus on behavior that will be legal under Washington State law after Dec. 6th” said King County Sheriff Steve Strachan.

There are 12 municipalities that contract with the Sheriff’s Office for police services. It remains the policy decision of the municipal attorneys and policy makers of those cities to determine how they will proceed between now and Dec. 6th. This decision only affects the deputies working in unincorporated King County.

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4 Responses to “King County Sheriff says personal marijuana use won’t lead to arrests, starting immediately”

  1. I know this is off topic but there is a guy who is always walking around with a large blue bag. This bag is full of stolen property. From steaks, b ooze , stereos and what ever else he has stolen from local stores. He comes into the area bars often to sell what he rips off from the stores. The cops should nail this guy. Everybody hates a rip off.

  2. We call him Angry Birds Guy. He has been arrested several times. The guys at Mclendons chased him down the street and held him until the sheriff arrived. Was out and trying to sell bottles of booze a week later.

  3. You should talk to the police about it. You don’t have to file a report to inform them of a crime.

  4. and unfortunately if people buy items from folks like this, you would just be encouraging it AND allowing them to make money illegally to use for more booze and drugs.

    Very sad.