Looking ahead: Pinewood Derby to raise $ for Jubilee Days

It’s the calm before the storm … of summer activities. Another White Center Jubilee Days fundraiser is coming up, though, if you haven’t heard already: The 2nd annual Pinewood Derby at Big Al Brewing, all ages welcome, on June 23rd; doors open at noon, $10 per entry, which gets you a car kit. Food trucks, beer, prizes, trophies all promised, as well as live music featuring Rats in the Grass – more details on this Facebook event page.

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One Response to “Looking ahead: Pinewood Derby to raise $ for Jubilee Days”

  1. fun! When I was a kid my dad was in charge of my brother’s boy scout troop and he let me do my own car – it was pink after Penelople Pitstop–my dad put in an extra weight so my car was faster than all of the boys…I hadn’t thought about that in years. Thanks for reminding me about that!