Liquor privatization: High bid for White Center store site’s license-application rights

The auction for rights to liquor licenses at existing store sites is over, and the state has announced the high bids. Keep in mind the “winning bidders” – to be finalized by the state next week, and then given a five-day period to pay up – are not guaranteed licenses, nor the right to take over the stores; all they’re getting is the exclusive rights to apply for liquor licenses at these locations, but it’s up to them to negotiate a lease with the store owner(s). Kulwinder Pabla is listed as the high bidder for the White Center store, $130,100. The state has till June 1st to get out of the liquor business, when privatization, as approved by voters last year, takes full effect. The total amount bid on the license-application rights statewide was almost $31 million, according to the state’s news release.

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3 Responses to “Liquor privatization: High bid for White Center store site’s license-application rights”

  1. This is SOOoooo Stupid. Wouldnt be more effecient and smart to just give the stores to sell booze a license from the LCB rather that shutting down the liquor stores and stop the revenue to the state?
    Who’s Brainiac idea was it to “Take the state out of the Liquor business?
    Thats so dumb, they should just have had the stores like COSTCO (pain in the butts) just to apply for a “icense to sell alcohol” for a fee of lets say $10.000.00 per year and the state could of been still be employing people and makig money and they would of gave the stores the right to buy outside the state for thier stock. Its called COMPETITION!
    i really wish the big folks would think before they act and people need to stop raising their voice too loud so no one can hear.
    It just makes no sense.

  2. Um, Joe, it was a public vote.

  3. My point Exactly!