Cracking down on public drunkenness: With partners, White Center’s storefront deputy pursuing the plan

If you see that sign up at a White Center business .. you’ll know it’s decided to cooperate with the new campaign in which King County Sheriff’s Office storefront Deputy BJ Myers is working – with the support of the White Center Chamber of Commerce, White Center Community Development Association, and North Highline Unincorporated Area Council – to crack down on chronic public drunkenness.

First, Deputy Myers worked with three beverage-distribution companies “to identify the problem and draft a ban that specifically targets the products most closely associated with the chronic public intoxication in downtown White Center.” The first phase, now under way, involves beverage reps asking retailers to join the program; Deputy Myers says some already have jumped in: “Over the next couple of weeks I’ll get an idea of which businesses are and aren’t participating.”

The original memo regarding the proposal was distributed at March’s NHUAC meeting; we had it in its entirety here.

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5 Responses to “Cracking down on public drunkenness: With partners, White Center’s storefront deputy pursuing the plan”

  1. NOTE: Even 1:01P.M. is ahead of 1:00P.M as is 3:00 P.M. etc…..Should the “before” on the sign be amended?

  2. Dick Thurnau, M.Wollam Says:

    Alcohol usage in King Counties Parks is prohibited by Counties own rules and regulation yet in Lakewood Park it is not controlled. Providing a very poor image for young students that frequent this park from the Schools located next door

  3. Gary-
    Good thought! The language on the signs was chosen to be brief and easy to read. The retailers were given a more in-depth description that describes the ban as being in effect from 6:00am to 1:00pm. Many of the retailers involved in the ban aren’t even open at 1:00 in the morning. If problems indeed arise from the language of the signs, we’ll address it at that time.

  4. This is awesome.
    Komo 4 quoted Chevron not willing to contribute to the program which is no surprise to me. It was quoted that she is unwilling to give up the sales profit. The car wash has been and is still a hub for intoxicated individuals and drug sales. The owner never calls police and continues to allow them on her property.

  5. I’m so glad steps are being taken to improve some of the sketchy activity in White Center!