Update: 25-year-old suspect arrested in deadly shooting at Seattle Roll Bakery; 24-year-old victim identified

1:10 PM: Just in from the King County Sheriff’s Office:

The homicide that occurred at a Seattle bakery in the 9800 block of 16 Ave SW just after midnight was the result of a dispute that had occurred earlier in the week and was not a robbery as initially reported.

An employee of the bakery had a dispute with the victim earlier in the week. Last night the employee, the victim and several other people were at the bakery. The suspect, who is known to both the victim and the employee, went to the bakery and confronted the victim about the earlier dispute. During the argument, the suspect pulled out a handgun and shot the victim multiple times. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Witnesses initially told the police it was a robbery because they feared the suspect would come back and retaliate.

The suspect was arrested at approximately 0930 this morning in the area of SW 116 and 1 Ave SW.

King County Jail online records show a man booked less than an hour ago for investigation of homicide. We’re checking into his background. Sgt. West says the man arrested in this case is 25 years old.

ADDED 3:02 PM: According to a note shared with WCN, White Center merchants have banded together to buy flowers and make a sign of support for the Seattle Roll Bakery family, who had to get right back to work because wholesale customers are counting on their bread.

ADDED 4:13 PM: The homicide suspect booked earlier was from a different case; the suspect in this one was booked into jail about an hour ago. Online records indicate he has some criminal background, including juvenile cases; so far we’ve found auto-theft- and burglary-related charges. The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office says he will have a bail hearing on Thursday.

ADDED 6:11 PM: The King County Medical Examiner identifies the victim as 24-year-old Jason Saechao, and says he died of multiple gunshot wounds.

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5 Responses to “Update: 25-year-old suspect arrested in deadly shooting at Seattle Roll Bakery; 24-year-old victim identified”

  1. Disgusted Citizen Says:

    Seriously he took the life of a wonderful person because he was upset at him!! I hope this worthless person is locked up for life!!

  2. Please stop in and buy something from this poor merchant. Let us show some solidarity for the area.

  3. White Center needs a comprehensive program similar to the South Park Action Agenda. http://www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/southpark/docs/SouthParkACTIONAGENDA.pdf

  4. Comet2011,
    and how would that have prevented this killing ?

  5. Another victim to these streets.now two lifes destroyed.pysically n mentaly.sounds like those people could have stopped it.but since those involed didn’t. Now two lives are destroyed.wat a sad storie.my heart goes out to the victim.and the accused person of the crime.yal needa get off da streets n choose a different profesion.become an actor cuz these streets are to rough for u.two lives are destroyed cuz of u.
    R.I.p to the victim