Bail set at $1 million for White Center shooting suspect

4:17 PM: Just in from the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office – after a hearing this afternoon in Kent, bail is set at $1 million for the 25-year-old West Seattle man who is jailed in connection with yesterday morning’s deadly shooting of 24-year-old Jason Saechao at Seattle Roll Bakery in White Center. We aren’t identifying the suspect until and unless charges are filed; tomorrow is the deadline for the KCPAO to either file charges or let him go. We’ll be adding more information shortly from the court documents that we’ve also received in connection with the case.

ADDED 4:36 PM: The summary from those documents – which, we’ll warn you, gets somewhat graphic:

(The suspect) got into an argument with (the victim) inside Seattle Roll Bakery … Witnesses said (suspect) and Saechao argued outside the business and continued it inside. Witnesses said they did not physically fight, but continued to argue. Witnesses said (suspect) turned his back on Saechao and suddenly turned around and pulled a handgun from his waistband and shot Saechao multiple times. Saechao fell to the ground. (Suspect) threatened the witnesses not to talk if they knew what was good for them. They said they had been afraid to admit (suspect) did the shooting, fearing retaliation. During the autopsy it was found that Saechao had been shot four times to include a shot in the top of his head and a close range shot to the face. Detectives tracked down (suspect) at his sister’s residence and stopped him and sister in a traffic stop and took him into custody. (He) was read his constitutional rights, which he acknowledged and agreed to speak to detectives. (He) denied being at the bakery and denied shooting Saechao.

As justification for a relatively high amount of bail, law enforcers noted that the suspect “has six felony convictions for robbery, burglary, and auto theft; was recently seen by family with a firearm; threatened witnesses with harm if they reported this incident.” His “last known address” is listed as the High Point neighborhood of West Seattle.

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One Response to “Bail set at $1 million for White Center shooting suspect”

  1. Hope they keep him this time!