North Highline Unincorporated Area Council’s December 1st agenda

From North Highline Unincorporated Area Council president Barbara Dobkin, we have word of what’s on the agenda for Thursday’s NHUAC meeting. The Comprehensive Plan item is big: “Karen Wolf from the Department of Development and Environmental Services will be providing information in regard to the King County 2012 Comprehensive Plan, some of which affects the North Highline area. The public comment period for the comprehensive plan review draft will end on December 23. If you cannot make the meeting you can review the plan at:
All public comment can be sent directly to Paul Reitenbach at: or by mail at:
King County Comprehensive plan 2012 Update, Department of Development and Environmental Services, 900 Oaksdale Avenue, SW. Renton, WA 98057-5212, attention: Paul Reintenback.” Now, the entire agenda:

7:00 pm Call to Order – Flag Salute – Roll Call –
Approval of Agenda – Approval of Minutes
7:05 pm Public Announcements
7:10 pm Public Comment
3minutes for Individuals
5 minutes for Groups

7:15 pm Mike Martin, Burien City Manager
7:20 pm Deputy BJ Myers
7:30 pm Rose Clark

7:40 pm Karen Wolf, Sr. Policy Analyst, King County Office of Performance
Strategy and Budget
Report and update on King County Comprehensive Plan

8:00pm Major Graddon

8:10pm Treasurer’s Report
8:15 pm Corresponding Secretary Report
8:20 pm Committee Reports
1. Governance
2. Arts and Parks
3. Public Safety
4. Housing and Human Services
5. Public Outreach
6. Transportation

8:30 pm Unfinished Business/Old Business
• Flower Bed Planting (100 ST & 16th Ave, SW)
• Video editing
• Business Cards/Flyers
• Bylaws
• NHUAC Supplies
8:40 pm New Business
• January/February Agenda Items

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2 Responses to “North Highline Unincorporated Area Council’s December 1st agenda”

  1. Will this be the LAST meeting for NHUAC as King County has
    desided to no longer support UACs after the end of the year?

  2. They are planning on continuing as a community council, last I recall. You don’t have to be officially sanctioned by a government body to do that, as we well know from the West Seattle side of the line, where there are a dozen-plus community councils and none is an officially city-funded or -supported entity …