Southgate Roller Rink reopening countdown: Two nights to go!

(Photos by Deanie Schwarz for WCN)
Inside Southgate Roller Rink, with two nights to go until it officially reopens Thursday night, it’s really starting to look like a rink! WCN contributor Deanie Schwarz stopped by to check in – and the shot that really hits it home is the one with the shelves full of skates:

The Seattle Derby Brats are a flat-track junior girls derby (ages 8-17) and two of their members, Board Member and Coach Kathi Webster (aka Katy Didit) and her daughter Mallie (aka Mal intent) were hard at work when Deanie stopped by, siting the logos which will adorn the south wall of the rink.

The derby grrrls are hand-painting the official Southgate Roller Rink logo (which can soon also be found on T-shirts available for purchase in the rink shop, along with inline skates, and assorted gear). Soon to be added on the wall will be the logos for the Seattle Derby Brats and the Rat City Roller Girls. Teen Night for the Grand Opening is Friday, and All Ages Derby Skate is Sunday night.

Owner Josh Rhoads told Deanie that the nearly 10,000-square-foot floor will receive another plasticking coat in about a month. Skate time on the newly stripped and refinished floor helps smooth down newly exposed surface fibers and allows the first few coats to completely absorb. Additional finishing coats will be added over the next few months too, to gradually build up the floor. Co-owner John Venables told Deanie that he won’t be happy until there are at least five coats of finish protecting the unique old-growth oak and maple wood laid more than 80 years ago in a one-of-a-kind, skater-friendly, octagonal configuration. (Here’s her February report on the reopening plan.)

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2 Responses to “Southgate Roller Rink reopening countdown: Two nights to go!”

  1. Wow….I can’t beleive that floor was under all that paint!
    Can’t wait to skate at my old childhood (70’s)hang out

  2. Deborah JOHNSON Says:

    My parents met for the first time at Southgate Roller Rink in October 1954. The very next week they both attended the costume party. There were skaters with all kinds of costumes on, even a couple dressed as a bride and groom, which only added to the romance in the air. To top it off, the rink was playing the then popular song.. Those Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang of Mine”. They began “going steady” that day and have rolling along together ever since! Now into their 56th year of married life! I know another couple that will soon celebrate their 50th anniversary too.. and you guessed it they also met at Southgate Roller Rink more than 50 years ago. I wonder how many other love stories there are out there? CONGRATULATIONS on Your REVITALIZED ROLLER RINK SOUTHGATE! What a great and nostalgic return to simpler times and more memories yet to be made in this generation!