White Center Art Walk tonight! Here’s the lineup

From the White Center Art Walk‘s organizers – tonight’s lineup, 6-9 pm:

Dubsea Coffee (9910 8th Ave SW): Martijn Caspar Swart – Varied Paintings. Beautiful interpretations of the human form; bold, cutting colors blended with dynamic compositions. Do not miss this.

Salvadorean Bakery (1719 SW Roxbury): S.M. Selby– photography. http://www.artdykes.com/ Psychedelic, kaleidoscopic modifications of photographs. High contrast, abstract images. Well worth a visit for a pastry and a peek see.

Café Rozella (9434 Delridge Way SW): Nancy Rich- Mixed Media- Celestial flow with and earthy base. Fitting for the worldly feel of Café Rozella. Stop by for some warm ambiance, delicious coffee, and sinuous art. Re-run from last month.

Dzul Tattoo (9622-B 16th Ave SW): The Dzul Family – Tattoo, airbrush, cool urban art. Check out the shop, get that long-desired tattoo!

The Company (9608 16th SW): Group Show – oil, acrylic, encaustic, illustration. Eight artists work graces the walls of this fine establishment, new to the Art Walk. The perfect spot for a scrumptious cocktail, out of this world noshes and some rock and roll! Did we mention the GORGEOUS artwork??

3.14 Bakery (9602 16th Ave SW): Robin Jordan-Oil on Canvas. Jacob Lawrence would be proud- Figurative, African, expressionist paintings that keep the eye moving. Come on in for a coffee and a look around, very family-friendly.

Full Tilt Ice Cream (9629 16th Ave Sw): Angelina Villalobos- 179– Illustrations. Native art meets Art Nouveau meets bold-graphic-lined interpretations of awesome. I can’t stop flipping through the images. The world has delivered us the perfect trifecta: Full Tilt Ice Cream, Beer and Angelina.

Big Al Brewing (9832 14th Avenue SW): Dave Bloomfield- STARHEADBOY- Mixed Media. . Always a crowd pleaser, fun-Fun-FUN pieces that make you feel floaty and free. Creatures from a happy land invade your eyeballs. Stop by for a pint of Winter Warmer and float upstairs for some darts, Atari and Starheadboy. You will not be disappointed.

Proletariat Pizza – (9622-A 16th Ave SW)-Aaron Loidhamer- Hand carved wood/lino-block prints, acrylic ink on paper- A variety of different print styles on found paper. Stop by- drool on top of the Ham&Egg pizza (with arugula), and absorb Aaron’s work. This will be a flash-back from last month for those that missed it.

Uncle Mike’s BBQ– (9640 16th Ave SW)- Pop in to see their house artwork. Don’t forget to taste the Pulled Pork Sammich- it’s delicious!

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