Know whose dog this is? Found on 4th SW near 102nd

From Barbara:

Sweet young approximately 30 lb brown and white dog found on 4th avenue near 102nd in White Center on Sunday March 13 – pink collar but no tags – dog was brought to 24 hour vet – VCA Five Corners in Burien off 1st avenue (206.242.8338)- no chip – they kept the dog overnight and will have King County Animal Control pick it up – If this is your dog – call the Vet – the dog may still be there – or contact King County Animal Control in Kent.

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3 Responses to “Know whose dog this is? Found on 4th SW near 102nd”

  1. Any pictures of the dog? Sounds like a dog I have seen but not sure on the weight. I think the one I’ve seen is larger.

  2. Tail or no tail? There’s been one running around over here like that, and tried to grab her to no avail…pictures?

  3. No I’ll try and get one if I see it though, tail on the one the I’m thinking of.