Friday night shooting: Sheriff’s Office says victim not seriously hurt

After a couple reports today about a large King County Sheriff’s Office presence in downtown White Center last night, possibly related to a shooting at or near Club Evo, we contacted KCSO’s media liaison Sgt. John Urquhart – and here’s what he tells us: Just before midnight last night, “a very large group of people (was) in the street (100+) and many of them (were) fighting. A gun came out and several shots (were) fired. One of our deputies on the scene saw the man firing and ran him down. (The suspect was) arrested and booked. One handgun was recovered. Much of this was gang related.” Sgt. Urquhart says an 18-year-old was reportedly shot but not seriously hurt, “since he refused treatment and was not transported. ” The suspect, he says, is also 18.

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4 Responses to “Friday night shooting: Sheriff’s Office says victim not seriously hurt”

  1. I think it’s time to close that Club Evo down…..There are shootings and bad things happening outside that place all the time.

  2. Every night they have an event, there is trouble. The owners are holding this neighborhood hostage, and will continue as long as they can make money there.

  3. It’s so nice to have one bad seed damaging our communities reputation. Club E caters to violence by the patriants it draws in due to the content of their adverstisement of events held. Management at Club E condones violent patriants which in turn detours normal law abiding residents from frequenting other WC businesses harming WC’s economy.

    Last night one of Club E’s security guy’s actually punched a patriant in the jaw right outside the club! What kind of security assaults a patriant? The guy who was puched was lipping off to the security, he never hit anyone!

    Club E personell, you can whine all you want about how you’re not resposible for the mayhem, the violent beatings and shootings, the hogging of all our police reources, and the damage of our communities reputation – you are. It’s your business that is drawing it all in and you are catering to the patriants that cause it all.

  4. I heard the gunshots last night (at least 4 in a row) – and then the sirens – what an unsettling feeling that was -I am tired of the whining of the irresponsible owner of Club E and his staff, that the residents, and various agencies are just out to get them –

    So Club E is hosting another large event tonight – and KCSO are paying officers overtime to try to prevent any problems – like shootings and fights – what a great use of our officers – this club needs to go – it serves no one but the owner – who is making alot of money – while the rest of downtown White Center suffers from violence caused by patrons of this club, as well as suffers from the ongoing perception that White Center is a dangerous area – if not for this club – we would have a peaceful neighborhood –

    Let’s face it – there is no way to gather over 300 young people – many who are gang affiliated in White Center – and expect anything but trouble –