New Greenbridge coffee shop will open this weekend

You’ve probably noticed the signs in the window in recent months – now it’s time to open the doors. It’s grand opening weekend this Saturday and Sunday for Dubsea Coffee in Greenbridge. We had the pleasure of meeting its proprietor Sibelle earlier this year; she plans for her coffee shop to be not just a place to get espresso, but also a place to enjoy local art — with a local artist serving as Dubsea’s curator — and a place for youth to gather in a safe space. Dubsea is just a few doors down from the Greenbridge Y/Library complex, at 9910 8th SW. According to the Dubsea website and invitations that have been sent out, the shop will be open 7 am to 7 pm as it swings open its doors on Saturday. ADDED THURSDAY NIGHT: Commenters wondered, and Dubsea responded – Stumptown is the coffee they’ll be using. See you there!

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7 Responses to “New Greenbridge coffee shop will open this weekend”

  1. Fantastic news!

  2. Welcome to the Neighborhood! this is great news!

  3. This is so awesome, I can’t wait! Congrats Sibelle.

  4. Anybody know what brand of coffee they’ll be using?

  5. Bryant @ Dubsea Says:

    Hello all! The coffee we will be serving is roasted by Stumptown Coffee Roasters. We will be using their “Hair Bender” espresso blend and for decaf, their decaf house blend. Thank you for all of your interest and support, we hope to see every one at our Grande Opening on Saturday and Sunday NOVEMBER 14 & 15.

  6. Stumptown Coffee, plus some fairly high end pastries and pie.

  7. I’ve been driving by here often and wondering when this place would open. I look forward to trying it out. And as a designer and artist- must say that I love the name, logo and art centric mission!