Election 2009: North Highline South Annexation vote

(ballot box getting locked at White Center Library at 8 pm)
Results here.

First ballot run just after 8 pm – 59 percent for annexation, 41 percent against.

Another race of huge interest to White Center – King County Executive. We are covering it for partner site West Seattle Blog, and I’m at Dow Constantine’s party at Pike Place. He gave a stirring speech – since it appears he is making it to the general election, since he is in 2nd, relatively far ahead of 3rd place runner Fred Jarrett – and he said, “We must keep King County Parks open.” Here’s the first minute of his speech at Kells Irish Pub, around 8:40 pm:


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5 Responses to “Election 2009: North Highline South Annexation vote”

  1. Stephen Lamphear Says:

    58.84% FOR annexation to Burien. Take that Mark Ufkes and a bag of chips, too. As Arnold says in Terminator: We’ll be back!

    Welcome to Burien friends and neighbors of North Highline.

  2. LMAO, yah. What a wonderful day in the neighborhood. To all my family and friends who’s roots run deep under Highline. Yah, we all know what it’s all about. Um…and to the sign thiefs, I asked you politely to join the party after you were annexed. Geez, paint thinner works wonders! Welome to Burien.

  3. If you read the study conducted for NH residents posted on the NHUAC web site at northhighlineuac.org, you will find that these numbers come as no surprise. Members from the NHUAC have been telling people for years about annexation issues and the people’s choice. I hope this sends a strong message to the City of Seattle and others who have called the study a lie or that it was rigged.

  4. Way to be humble and take the high road Stephen! I’m extremely happy too that the annexation passed (and I kind of figured it would), but there’s no need to gloat and rub it in–not matter how much you dislike someone like Mark Ufkes. He had his opinion and we had ours.

    To ALL of the citizens who voted on annexation, Welcome to Burien!

  5. Kathy Keene Says:

    Welcome to Burien North Highline Voters! We are glad you voted to join our fair city. Next Monday, the 24th, @ 7 pm, we are having a special meeting to welcome you, and hear from you and our current residents.

    This affirmative vote could not have been accomplished with-out the hard work of a lot of folks. I can’t begin to name you all but you know who you are; my hat is off to you and all your effort.

    Again, welcome to Burien.